Top 5 Best Cheap VPN for iPhone Devices

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If you are using an iOS and searching for a VPN that is compatible to your device, this is the right article for you. VPNs for iOS can protect you from ISP, online business tracking your data or even government agencies.

By using an iOS compatible VPN, you can protect and secure your online activity on a public network. Today, we list down the top 5 best cheap VPN for iPhone users or any iOS users.

Best Cheap VPN for iPhone Users

NordVPN – Great iOS VPN app, reliable and a cheaper price
VyprVPN – Fast VPN with great iOS support
Ivacy – Private service that works well with iOS and regional-block streaming service
ExpressVPN – Very reliable for iOS devices
IPVanish – Offers fast servers for its users

Now, let us review them and learn how it will meet your requirements.


Top 5 Best Cheap VPN for iPhone Devices

NordVPN is one of the best VPN for iPhone, simply because of their easy to use VPN app. It can even unblock Netflix US and BBC iPlayer, and they won the VPN of the year award in Las Vegas last 2019.

They also provide fast servers in over 60 countries, you can watch regional-blocked Netflix films in HD. They have a no-logs policy, which is what you want to be secure and private.

You can even use it in 6 devices simultaneously, which makes it even better than other competitors.


Top 5 Best Cheap VPN for iPhone Devices

VyprVPN is one of the favorites VPN for iPhone, they also have an optional VyprDNS service which is great for unblocking Netflix, Youtube and other services for iOS devices.

VyprVPN owns and operates all of its own hardware, which is great for user’s concern about speed, reliability, and network.


Top 5 Best Cheap VPN for iPhone Devices

Ivacy is great for the iOS device because of their app, they offer cheap and has all the apps for all platforms.

They also offer zero logs policy, superb security features, and servers across 100 locations around the world. They also provide IKEv2 encryption that keeps your data private from ISP provider.

Ivacy can also access US Netflix, though they are not the fastest it is fast enough to watch in HD.


Top 5 Best Cheap VPN for iPhone Devices

ExpressVPN is a company that has been around for a while now. Their iPhone VPN software is user-friendly and provides all the privacy features that you need from bad people.

They are servers in 94 countries and can be used in Netflix US, stream in HD or use other streaming services.

The only downside is, you can only use it on 3 devices simultaneously.


Top 5 Best Cheap VPN for iPhone Devices

IPVanish is based in the United States, with a proprietary server network. They never keep any logs even though they are in the US, which is great for users.

They have servers in 60 countries and you will have a lot of options unblocking Netflix. Even better, they offer 10 simultaneous connections per account.

Best VPN for iPhone

There are other things that can affect your speed, whether you are connected to a hotspot or data plan. Your VPN will slow down because of this, since encrypting data and route it via a VPN server. This is the reason that it is best to subscribe to a fast iPhone VPN.

Things you can do with your VPN for iPhone

  • You can bypass censorship and access regional-restricted content
  • Stream and download movies with complete privacy
  • Stop your ISP tracking and collecting data
  • Encrypt all your data while connected to a public WiFi

Set up a VPN on your iPhone

It will only take you 10 minutes to set up a VPN for your iPhone. Simply follow these steps;

  • Subscribe to an iPhone VPN, listed above
  • Download the iPhone VPN app from your provider and install it
  • Run the app
  • Select the closest VPN server, or the server that you wanted to use
  • When your VPN connects, your data is already protected and encrypted

This way the websites that you visit will stop their tracking scripts, you can even unblock geo-related services that you can bypass.

Free VPN for iPhone

We wouldn’t recommend getting a free VPN, mainly because it is risky. These free services track their user’s data and make a profit out of it.

Free VPN also has bad privacy policies, contains spyware and they lie about encryption that they provide.

If you want to find the best cheap VPN for iPhone which is safe and you are 100% protected, subscribe one from the list above. You can trust them with your data, connection speed and server selection.

Should you always turn on your VPN?

iOS devices already have a reputation for privacy and security, however, when it comes to a public network you are vulnerable to hacking, tracking by the ISP provider.

If you are often connected to public connections, it is important that you always turn on your VPN.

Without a VPN, you are a target from hackers that can take your logins, data or even debit card details stolen. A VPN will protect yourself from the WiFi hacker.


If you worry about hacking, geo-based content blocking and being protected with your privacy, we always suggest subscribing to a VPN. This list of best cheap VPN for iPhone is easy to use and from a reputable company.

We hope this list will help you pick the best VPN for your iOS and keep yourself protected!