How to Install Ivacy VPN on Windows 10

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If you are planning to subscribe for a VPN provider to your Windows 10 and not sure how to set it up or install Ivacy VPN properly, this article is for you.

Installing software is easy, but setting it up properly is a different story, you need to make sure that you are following the right procedure using the right server in order to maximize your VPN.

While there are countless companies out there that provide VPN services, just a few of them are worth your money. Today, we are focusing on Ivacy VPN, what they are good at and downsides.

Ivacy VPN has strong features that I like, this is why I subscribe to them in order to review their services, how would you benefit, how can we maximize their servers.

What is Ivacy VPN?

Ivacy VPN launched in 2007, it is managed by PMG private limited that is based in Singapore. Ivacy secures our tracks over a public network, through a link and encrypt it.

Their encryption offers protection that ISP, government, and other companies used to track our browsing history and sell it. Using their VPN, we are also secured and protected against malware, hack, and ransomware.

Ivacy has displayed that they are not satisfied with the current technology being offered, in 2010 they created Split Tunneling.

Since their inception, Ivacy VPN has displayed that they are not satisfied with just taking existing technology to offer services. Their creativity leads them to reveal the unique aspect, namely Split Tunneling in 2010.

In simple terms, Split Tunneling means:

By default, a VPN client will route 100% of your traffic through a VPN server. Split Tunneling is a feature that lets the user select specific traffic to be pushed through a VPN server, while the remaining data is handled by the Internet Service Provider (ISP) as it normally would be. This works by allowing or disallowing your VPN on certain apps or websites. –

Ivacy is compatible with all platforms, from Android, iPhone, Mac, or even Windows devices. Just install the app and proceed with the setup, Ivacy VPN will do its job which is to protect and secure your connection.

Best features of Ivacy VPN

Ivacy VPN will not compromise on quality, privacy, and security
• It will protect your devices from bugs, malware, ransomware, and others
• They have a no-log policy
• They have a kill-switch and split tunneling feature
• 5 simultaneous logins
• Strongest encryption, you can use TCP & UDP Protocols along with 256bit encryption
Ivacy VPN doesn’t know any Bandwidth limitation
• You can watch US-based Netflix films
• P2P File Sharing confirmation & VPN configuration
Ivacy VPN for PC Pricing: $3.50 for 1 Year Plan


• All features are available for different devices
• No log policy
• State of the art security
• The yearly plan is more affordable
• Great uptime
• High-speed connection
• Available Protocols: L2TP, OpenVPN, PPTP, SSTP, and IKev2
• Support is 24/7 live


• No free trial, bummer if you are not decided to subscribe
• Monthly package is more costly than yearly
• Not compatible with TOR network or other proxies
• It works with Netflix, for US-locked content only

How to Download and Install Ivacy VPN for PC

First, you need to subscribe to their plan. Here’s a 86% OFF discount

Download the Ivacy VPN here select the Windows Installer.

Ivacy Windows Installer

Ivacy Windows Installer

Save the .EXE file

Ivacy Windows Installer

Ivacy Windows Installer

Save the file to download.

Ivacy Installer

Ivacy Installer

Accept the agreement, and continue with the installation.

Ivacy Installer

Ivacy Installer

You can either create a quick launch shortcut or run automatically. I usually set these checkboxes here, as I want to control which programs run on startup.

Ivacy Launcher App

You can now launch the program!

Ivacy Browser Extension

Ivacy Browser Extension

They also have a browser extension, in case you don’t want to use their installer.

Once you open the program, go straight to Settings > Connection and enable the Internet Kill Switch.

Ivacy Split Tunneling

Ivacy Split Tunneling

You can also enable the Split Tunneling.

Ivacy Smart Connect

Ivacy Smart Connect

Smart Connect is where you can select which servers are you going to use, I usually connect to the United States, but you can select which country you wanted, it’s a long list.

Ivacy Smart Connect

Ivacy Smart Connect

Once you selected the server, hit the power button and it will connect you automatically.

Ivacy VPN Connected

Ivacy VPN Connected

Once you are connected, this is what it will look like. Notice the Split Tunneling and Multiport? I did not enable it in the settings.

After all, that’s set you can now test it out on different websites. I tried it on Netflix, just to see what I am missing in US-based films.

Ivacy to Netflix

It works! And it is quite fast too! Great for streaming services and downloads.

Ivacy VPN works, they are offering their services since 2010 and they have positive reviews online. You will get speed, protection, security at a cheap price.

They have over 275 servers worldwide with 100 locations in 52 countries, they have the highest VPN servers around.

Ivacy is a great solution if you are looking for a VPN security within a budget, great service, and fast connections.

I hope this simple tutorial on how to set up and install Ivacy VPN in Windows helped you, if you have other questions regarding the settings or connections, please let me know in the comments below.